Best Plants to Grow Online

You probably know already that organic foods are good for you. The major problem most people have with organic food is the expense. However, there are several different ways to radically reduce the cost of your food.

Growing your own food contributes to improved health and connected community. It’s also an activity for the whole family that builds friendships in your neighborhood as you share each skills, interests and food, this means you’re eating produce when it’s most nutrient-dense, since foods can lose some of their nutritiousness after they’re harvested. “And the fact that you have grown food yourself changes everything.

The health benefits to growing your own food are no secret. Veggies are at their maximum vitamin content straight out of the garden; the longer you wait after picking, the less vitamins there are. When you grow your own, you know what goes into it. You know where it comes from (your yard) and if it has been exposed to pesticides (hopefully not).

Save money on groceries. Your grocery bill will shrink as you begin to stock your pantry with fresh produce from your backyard. A packet of seeds can cost less than a dollar, and if you buy heirloom, non-hybrid species, you can save the seeds from the best producers, dry them, and use them next year. If you learn to dry, can, or otherwise preserve your summer or fall harvest, you’ll be able to feed yourself even when the growing season is over.

We have listed down below some of the best plant you can grow in your garden.


Easy to grow and so many different varieties to choose from! Sunflower seeds are a real favorite with the children. They produce large daisy-like flowers, with very large brightly colored petals. These plants are ideal for cutting, and come in pollen-free varieties which are ideal for hay fever suffers!

Your Sunflower seeds need to be sown under glass between March and April or outdoors between April and June for flowers between July and September. The petals and seeds are lovely when used in salads and cakes!

Sunflower seeds should germinate within 7 to 21 days. As the seedlings grow thin in stages to achieve a final spacing of 30 to 45cm. Make sure all plants are supported as they grow.


Broccoli seeds produce a shoot that is delicious and healthy and can be picked frequently over a long period of time. Research suggests that broccoli may offer some protection against certain cancers.

Depending on what variety of Broccoli seeds you decide on, will vary when the seeds are needed to be sown. However all the seeds need to start off in a 13mm deep seedbed, and be transplanted when the plants are large enough to handle. Germination takes place within 7-12 days.

For best results steam the broccoli and don’t boil it. Use within a few hours of harvesting.

Aquilegia Seeds

A cottage garden favorite, Aquilegia seeds come in a fine color range producing a beautiful flower year after year.

This hardy perennial needs to be sown between March and June indoors in a cold frame for flowering between May and June the following year.

Aquilegia seeds should take around 30 to 90 days to germinate, in which time they should be covered in a polythene sheet. After germination the seedlings can be transplanted into trays and plants 5cm apart. When large enough, the plants can be transplanted outside at least 38cm apart in a sunny or partially shaded area. (May also be sown directly outdoors between April to June.)


There are hundreds of varieties of Tomato seeds, all producing tomatoes with different tastes and colours. They are a bright addition to any greenhouse border, or can jazz up your veg patch outside. To produce greenhouse crops sow the seeds between February and April – grow in large pots, boarders or growing bags.

To produce outdoor crops begin by sowing the seeds under glass in April. The plants can then be transplanted outdoors to a warm sunny area.

Tomatoes are such a versatile vegetable and can be used in hot dishes, salads and sandwiches. They can be eaten raw, roasted or fried – give them a go! Not sure which variety to choose.

Cannabis seeds

An unusual choice for sure and of course we don’t condone anyone growing anything that is illegal but judging by the number of questions we get, I thought it best to answer this from my limited experience. As many have said weed is fairly easy to grow however getting that the yield that you want can be tricky. PH is VERY important. Light power is important to the size of the buds and soil area is directly dependent to the final size of your plant. Like aquarium fish actually.

You can opt for growing your cannabis plants from cannabis seeds in the open ground, it was extremely surprising during my research to find out how readily available these seeds are in the open market, in UK, for example, its is LEGAL to own cannabis seeds (for novelty purposes) and online stores like ICE Cannabis Seeds stocked a huge variety!. Your plants will be able to grow a lot taller, but you will be dependent on good weather conditions. Cannabis plants only start flowering in late summer and if the weather is rainy and cold your crop will fail. Plants in pots stay smaller, but you are able to control the growing conditions. You can, for instance, put them in the shade or inside. It’s a trade-off you have to make for yourself. If you want to grow your plant in a pot, you will have to buy a suitable pot. Pots are available in various sizes. The size you need depends on the size you wish your plant to reach and the available space.

You also need soil to put in the pots. The choice is abundant. You can opt for the cheap bags of soil you can find in the garden centers. It’s possible to grow your plant in this, but beginners might experience problems with it. These types of soil do not contain enough nutrients for cannabis plants, are not light enough and dry and harden very easily.


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